Kitsumon | BIG BANG | LORE

As human technology evolved the online cyberspace became busier, faster and full of new data with technologies like blockchain and advances in Ai at the forefront. As a result of chance, magic, or perhaps divine intervention on one fateful day something incredible happened. A collision of binary, a mixing of images and blockchain with a twist of Ai caused a virtual ‘Big Bang’ like event in cyberspace.

The world went dark and silent as the shockwave of energy rippled through devices all around the world. What was created as a result.. a new galaxy, a world within a world was born.

Mirroring our own word in many ways, this special new place evolved quickly, the powers governing it used the world’s elements to create a new type of creature. These fox-like monsters each had their own unique digital DNA.

Discovered by accident by a team of game developers, and given the name ‘Kitsumon’ these ‘Kitsu’ were the guardians of this new world. Soon after this new world was given international protection and a committee of humans was established to interact with these Kitsu and learn about them.

These humans were referred to as trainers, as they helped the Kitsu become accustomed to their world and helped them train to become strong guardians. Now the Kitsumon world is looking for more trainers to help them, are you ready to become the next Kitsu trainer.



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#Kitsumon is an #NFT based game built on Polygon Network. Create unique Kitsu, master professions, and challenge other players! #NFTgaming #NFTcollectors