Official Kitsumon INO Schedule

What is Kitsumon?

Kitsumon is an NFT game centered around adorable Kitsu creatures that you can breed, battle, bond and explore with. Unlike current popular NFT games, Kitsumon does not stick to one type of game play that users have to follow - players can become successful and earn in the game through a vast variety of play styles. Whether you enjoy battling in MOBA PvP, earning your keep through professions like fishing, crafting and cooking, or you love breeding Kitsu together for all-new awesome creations. Kitsumon offers all of it and more. But it doesn’t end at just having good gameplay - the graphics and models are developed in Unity 3D down to beautifully precise detail by a world leading art studio we have partnered with!

Kitsumon INO Schedule

Our Launchpad Partners will be holding their sales one after the other, starting with YAY Games and ending with NFTstars. Afterwards, our own KMC stakers get to buy their guaranteed Blind Boxes, and lastly the grand public auction will open up for everyone to bid directly on the Kitsu(s) they are interested in with $KMC.

10.02.2022 — Public Auction Start

Ending off our INO Egg Sale will be the Public Auction that is open for everyone to participate in. During the auction, you will be able to bid on your favourite Kitsu(s).

How to Buy During the Private Sale

During our INO, you will be able to purchase Blind Boxes that contain one random Kitsumon Egg. Regardless of where you buy your Blind Boxes from, the price is always $175 per box.

How we will use the Funds

For full transparency we decided to share with all of you how the $KMC we raise in our public auction will be used, so that you can be confident it’ll be used for the good of the project. The $KMC will be allocated similarly to our IDO vesting schedule:


Kitsumon reserve the right to change the advertised listing dates as needed.



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#Kitsumon is an #NFT based game built on Polygon Network. Create unique Kitsu, master professions, and challenge other players! #NFTgaming #NFTcollectors